Saturday, February 24, 2018

Pages From the Cthonique Library: Cobblestones On The Road

Historical novel showing how an apparently insignificant decision in the protagonist's (a chivalrous warrior of noble birth) life leads to his own death fighting against his own kin, with the likewise insignificant decisions of others playing their part.  The anonymous author is known as the Abbe of the Red Monastery based on certain comments in the novel.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pages From the Cthonique Library: The Palace of the Orange Tiles.

A now incomplete novel, as its unknown author died before it could be finished, involving the efforts of a minor Dark Lord to build a palace that first occurs to him in his dreams, and its slow ruin of his fortunes as he attempts this.  It ends midsentence, during a portentous dream, at a point where the Dark Lord has not quite fallen as far as he will, but at a point when he will clearly do so soon.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pages From the Cthonique Library: The Eagle-Winged Soldiers

Account of the famed cavalry of the Lords of the Crossing and their campaigns, both defensive and offensive against both Nightlander and Milesian foes.  Badly out of date, especially in light of recent developments.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pages From the Cthonique Library: Pebble Armor of the Dark Lord Gwyn, Son of Nudd

Mystical armor of the Dark Lord Gwyn, son of Nudd, of the now vanished House of Beli, Lord of the Hills of Might.  Created out of thousands of pebbles strung together with magic a in process now lost.  For Gwyn this offered the hardness of stone with the flexibility of a second skin.  Since his death in battle, it has been completely inert and useless, though it remains a marvel to see.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pages From the Cthonique Library: Rudder of the Palatine.

Rudder from the great boat the Palatine, which the Dark Lord Sargon used in his invasion of the Lands of Light.  It sunk on the return voyage--Sargon survived the wreckage, but many of his men did not, one of the many things that would lead to his removal as Dark Lord.  The rudder was eventually recovered by his nephew Enil.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pages From the Cthonique Library: Portion of the Glass Wall of Caeris

This large slab of glass, with much intricate work and dyeing, is from the walls of the lost city of Caeris, rival to Albracca, destroyed in the last war of the Nibelungs and the Avars, their rivals, which occurred even before the reigns of the Amontides over the Lands of Night.

For war has ever been with the world.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Pages From the Cthonique Library: The Door of Valzkhared

A massive door created by the Ghoulish wizard Valzkhared which he said could gain entry into other worlds.  After his mysterious disappearance after raising a rebellion against the Sekhmetides, he was rumored to have used it do so, though no other sorcerer has been able to duplicate his purported act.  There is in fact a rumor that his actual means of escape was simply to lie low and assume another name, and that the door was nothing more than a distraction.

If so, it worked.