Thursday, November 8, 2012

And the Mountain Cried 'Too High, Too High'--Part 23

“Are they just going to do stand around out there talking?” Argilius muttered to himself. He turned and glared at his captives. “I don’t think your fathers value your lives very much.”

Brandomarte sighed. “You think we’re surprised about that?”

The Ettin didn’t appear to listen to his reply. “If they’re going to break through, they’ll need at least twenty trained warriors. Not a bunch of old men, and women..” Argilius scowled and shook his head. “It’s madness. What sort of fool do they think I am? What sort of weak…” He blinked, and glanced out the window again. “Wha…?”

“What’s going on?” said Fiordelisa.

“Keep your mouth shut,” snapped Argilius. He peered through the window again. “Where did they…?”

At that moment a large Ogre slammed through a different window. As everyone stared at the fallen figure, a short Erlish woman jumped through the gaping hole that had previously been a window, and gave a triumphant laugh. “Ah ha!” she proclaimed. “Thegn Argilius Walsing! Prepare to face justice in the name of CHIVALRY!”

Argilius stared at her, then began to chuckle. “Oh, you have to be kidding me…”

The Erl cracked her knuckles. “Nope. We flipped for it, and I won. Which means I get to kick your ass.”

“Of course it does,” said Argilius. He stepped forward, raising his heavy fist. “I’ll save questions for what happened to the rest of my men for after my beating you into a pulp.” He swung at the woman, who swiftly side-stepped his blow. Snarling he struck at her again. Once again she twirled out of the way.

“Man, you suck at this,” said the Erl.

“Just have to hit you once,” muttered the Ettin.

“You sure about that?” she asked, dodging his blow once again. She lashed out with a kick that struck him in the stomach.

Argilius snarled. “Positive,” he muttered, steadying himself.

“Oooh,” laughed the woman. “You’re a tough one!” She dodged his next clumsy blow. “That’s great. I’ve been hoping for a tough fight.”

As they fought, another Erl--a lanky man--slipped through the window. He motioned for Brandomarte and Fiordelisa to stay quiet, then helped a Goblin through. The pair darted towards the imprisoned Mountain Erls, and began to cut away at their bonds.

“I will gut you!” shouted Argilius, as the woman dodged him yet again.

“Of course you will,” she noted with a nod. “Of course you will.”

“You stupid bitch,” he snarled, charging forward. “Do you think this is a game? Do…?” Argilius struck the wall, as she once again nimbly danced away from him. But as the Ettin righted himself, he turned and saw the others preparing to make their way out. Argilius frowned, and let out a bitter chuckle. “A trick. Of course. I should have known.” His gaze turned to Fiordelisa. “Well, you I can hit…”

“Eyes on me, jerk!” yelled his opponent, punching him in the jaw, her fist bathed in an eerie blue glow. Argilius gave a grunt of pain, and turned towards her. “Thanatos…” he spat out. “That explains a lot…”

The woman gave a confident roll of her head. “Trust me, I’ve barely been using my gifts. You just suck that much.” She chuckled. “You’re a tough bastard, Argilius--but not much else.”

Argilius glared at her, and drew his dagger. “Just keeping saying shit like that. Go on.” And then he lunged at her.

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