Saturday, December 15, 2012

Paths Ending, Paths Beginning--Part 9

“Okay,” said Constans Mu, “I think I have this now.” He put another handful of chits on the table before him. “I raise you. Five… whatever it is you Nightfolk use.”

“Marks,” said Palamedes from the side.

“Marks. Right,” agreed Constans, nodding fervently. He stared across the table at Quiet.

The Ghoul looked at her hand for a moment, then placed five more chits down. She stared at Constans, her blue eyes wide and baleful. Then she placed five more chits.

Constans looked at her, then looked at his hand. “You’re just tryin’ to get into me head. Well, it won’t work.”

“Because there’s nothing there to get at,” noted Arcadius Pi.

“Quiet, Squire,” said Constans. “An’ prepare to be amazed at me skill.”

“If you had any, I would be,” noted Arcadius.

“Oh, all right,” snapped Constans. “Everyone gain up on honest Squire Mu.”

“Is he honest?” asked Palamedes.

“Of course not,” said Arcadius Pi. “Why else do you think he says he is?”

The Erl nodded. “Ehh, about what I expected.”

Constans turned to glare at Quiet, as he put five more chits down. Then placed another six down. “So… is it true you Ghouls eat people?”

“Only people they like,” said Sacripant Fenswater. “You don’t want to know what they do to people they don’t like.” He smiled at the Ghoul. “Isn’t that right, Quiet?”

The Ghoul nodded, as she placed her chits down.

“Oh, enough of this,” snapped Palamedes. He began to pound his hands on the table. “Foldol, foldol, foldol…” Sacripant and Arcadius joined him in his chant.

“Fine, fine,” said Constans, putting down his cards. Everyone looked at the, then turned to him.

“That is what you were betting on?” said Arcadius quietly. “A Hierophant?”

“There are other cards there!” said Constans. “Good cards.”

“But… no matches or sequences,” said Palamedes. “You’re betting on a Hierophant.”

“And some other cards,” muttered Constans dully.

Sacripant shook his head. “It’s almost a shame to take your money…”

Quiet looked around the table nervously and put down her cards. The group’s chatter turned to stunned silence.

“A Knight?” said Palamedes. “That’s… it?”

“Is it my fault he’s too stupid to bluff?” muttered Quiet. “Usually I do the glare thing, and people fold before the first draw.”

Constans looked around the group. “So… I won?” He hooted, and began raking in the chits.

“Too stupid to bluff,” said Arcadius sadly, shaking his head.

“Stupid like a fox,” declared Constans.

Palamedes blinked. “Is that how you Milesians say that…?”

“No,” said Arcadius. “It isn’t.”

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  1. Another amazing chapter. I had forgotten how funny it regularly was before the whole captured by the evil prince thing went down.