Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On the Accursed Marsh

The lands known as the Accursed Marsh ,by Milesian tradition, are combination of swampland, river delta, and warm ocean coast.  The Marsh has few cities and most of these are quite small.  Even more than the Plains of Dread, it is a land of farmers, with quite a few fishermen as well.  They are, on the whole, a taciturn folk, slow to change.  Perhaps this is because, having so often been the targets of the aggression of their neighbors, they try to cling to what they know is theirs--customs, traditions, and above all their ruler, the Badb...

There were more Witch-Queens, once, but now, only the Badb remains.  The lines of the Medb and the Scathach were broken after a decline into irrelevance, while the Rhiannon is only a figure of legend, but House du Lac remains. Still, the Badb was always seen as the greatest of them, the first and foremost practitioner of the Old Magic.  It may seem odd that a figure so powerful could rule such a weak land, but that ever was the Marsh's problem--the might of the Badb was purely personal.  She ruled a land with few soldiers and little organization, gathering homage, not taxes from her subjects. 

The time of Lord Shaddad would see the line of the Badb close to eliminated, first by family strife, and then by the ambitions of the conquerer.  But House du Lac would, against all odds, survive, and rule once again over the realm of Sea and Sky.  For perhaps that is why the Badb remains where all others have vanished--she and hers are like the land they rule.  Harder, sturdier then one might think, ruled by an eternal desire to stay themselves...

--Nisrioch Cthonique, On the Lands of Night

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