Saturday, January 26, 2013

On The Shadow Woods

The largest of the Domains, the Shadow Woods are also one of the oldest.  The House of Maganza have the second-longest reign of their realm among the Nine, with only the Badb having held power longer.  The Ebony Throne is ancient and wealthy, though its power over its dominions has never been as certain as the Maganzas would like.  Indeed, it can honestly be said that the Shadow Woods are less one domain than many domains under the often nominal rule of a single Dark Lord.  The story of the Ebony Throne is one of family conflict, with civil war and pretenders a constant presence.  More than one branch of the Maganzas had to flee to other realms when the latest round of infighting turned against them...

The diverse nature of the Ebony Thrones' holdings means that they have some of the most powerful lesser Dark Lords serving under them.  The Lords of the Crossing and the Lords of the Coast each rule realms only slightly smaller than the Stone or Ironfangs.  Each has frequently maintained their own independent policies, against the wishes of the Maganzas...

The Shadow Woods proper is the most southernly part of the Maganza's holdings, and is the native home of the Goblins, the most industrious of the Folk of Night.  The Merchants' Emporium, an association of Guilds, is largely their creation, and remains based in the Alts as a result...  This is another largely independent power with which the Ebony Throne must deal.

--Nisrioch Cthonique, On the Lands of Night

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