Saturday, February 9, 2013

On the Fangs of Stone and Iron

"Two Dominions linked by geography, by history, and by blood, and both shared and spilt, the Ironfangs and the Stonefangs are ruled by the Houses of Regni and Utgardi, ruling families of the so-called "high breeds" of Ogres.  Like the Shadow Woods, the kingdoms of the Fangs include smaller realms that have been absorbed by the two mountain crowns--though compared to the realms of the Chiaramontes and the Mongraves they are very small realms indeed.   The Aesir and the Vanir, for example rule over a handful of mountains each, and a few small valleys, kingdoms for which they have both been gleefully sending men to their deaths for generations...

"The feuds between the two realms make life in the Fangs hard--or rather harder.  Having only limited farmland life is often a struggle, and while the great wealth of the regions' mines can mitigate this, it does not for the poor souls who dwelve into those dangerous pits.  And the Stone and Ironfangs rival the Shadow Woods for the independence of their lords--many settlements are under the rule of barons who give only the slightest acknowledgement to their supposed masters.  It is region filled with bloodshed and death, even in times of peace..."

--Nisrioch Cthonique, On the Lands of Night

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