Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On the Mountains of Sorrow

"The so-called Mountains of Sorrow are in fact mostly foothills, with a handful of genuine mountains among them.  It is on the largest of these, Mount Kaf, that the Ashuranas built their mighty hall.  The first of them, Ahrimanes, is a figure of dim legend, said by his family to trace his descent to the region's winds.  Others say that Ahrimanes and indeed, the entire Dev race are the creation of sorcerers seeking to create a higher from of Erl.  Whatever the truth is, the Devs swiftly made themselves masters of the region, creating a system of Dev lords ruling over Erl and Trollish peasants, with all under the rule of the Ashurana.... 

"Despite this powerbase, the Ashuranas have often been under the sway of others, paying homage to the Khans of the Hordes, or the Kings of the South.  In a very true sense, the great talent of the descendents of Ahrimanes is not domination--it is survival."

--Nisrioch Cthonique, On the Lands of Night