Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Circles and Old Stones--Part 10

“Do you think she’ll go through with it?” asked Maud Lynne.

“My aunt taught a crow to swear when she was twelve,” replied Elaine, as she went through her sword drill. “I think you’ll find she’s not a person to back down from things.”

Melissa regarded Elaine’s sword work with a look of disdain. “Hmmph. So… how does a child of House du Lac feel about deserting the Art for tainted weapon of the enemy?”

Elaine paused as if listening. “No, Caladbolg. She’s just an idiot. Not your worth your time at all.”

Melissa blinked. “What…? Are you talking to that…? Have you gone mad…?”

Elaine glared at her, then glanced at Caladbolg. “Well, all right. A little something might be in order.” The blade glowed dully.

Melissa gulped and stepped backward. “I… you don’t scare me. I’m the Witch of the Coalo, and… I… I…”

“Ha!” declared Grace Greenteeth. “Look who’s going to be punished for her impertinence!”

The Sword of Light briefly turned to Grace. “Yeah, Caladbolg finds that as annoying as I do.” Grace gulped and nodded. Elaine smiled at her, and then turned the blade towards Melissa.

Melissa stepped backwards. “What… You… I am the Witch of Coalo…”

“I know,” said Elaine.

Melissa glanced at Urganda, Livia and Cait. “Umm… guys…”

The rest of the High Coven sighed and moved before the Witch of Coalo. “We would rather not see our sister discomfited,” said Cait peevishly.

“Caladbolg insists it would be painless,” said Elaine. She paused for a moment. “Well… mostly…”

Cait raised her staff. “Nonetheless, we insist…”

Elaine considered things for a moment. “I’d like an apology.”

Cait and Livia glanced at Melissa. “Apologize to the Princess,” said Livia.

“Not to me,” said Elaine. “I’m used to this sort of crap. To Caladbolg.”

Melissa blinked. “To… your sword?”

Elaine nodded. “Like I said, I’m used to this crap. But Caladbolg--Caladbolg is used to getting RESPECT. Add to that, it’s had to deal with some very unpleasant people recently, and… it’s not in a good mood. At all.” A smile touched the girl’s face. “Now I know you were just running your mouth, Marshtreader, the way you always do, but Caladbolg… it’s taking it all very seriously. So… if you’d apologize to it, then we’ll put all this behind us.”

“I’m not apologizing to a stupid sword!” snapped Melissa.

Caladbolg started glowing very brightly.

Livia shoved Melissa in the ribs. “Say you’re sorry,” she hissed.

Melissa sputtered.

Urganda nodded. “I’m not dying here! Not now! I have dishes to wash!”

Melissa fell to her knees. “I am sorry, Caladbolg! I am so, so, so, SO very sorry for offending you! SORRY!”

Elaine narrowed her eyes, then sheathed the blade. “Apology accepted.”

Livia glanced at Urganda. “You… have dishes to wash? That’s your big motivation to keep living?”

Urganda waved her hands. “It was what sprang to my mind!”

Cait turned to Maude Lynn, who was cheerfully winding her watch. “What are you grinning about?”

“Take a guess,” replied the Lady of the Grove.

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