Thursday, March 28, 2013

Circles and Old Stones--Part 20

“Hurry! Hurry!” shouted Melissa.

“Why do you keep saying that?” asked Maude Lynn. “Do you think people need instruction on this?”

Grace Greenteeth glanced at her friend. “Just run! Run!”

Maude Lynn froze and pointed ahead. “Umm… guys…”

“What, Maude Lynn?” snapped Grace. “What do you need to insult us about now…?”

Melissa tugged her cousin’s sleeve. Grace turned and saw the Hedley Kow in front of them--or rather, part of it that had been shifted into something long and sinuous, like a serpent. The face that topped the end of it stretched forward, snapping.

There was a bright ray of light, and the Kow retreated.

“Back, back, foul beast!” shouted Elaine, waving Caladbolg about. “The power of the Blade of Day compels you! Back to the place where you were spawned! Or sired! Or whatever!” She swiped the sword over her head for emphasis. The creature seemed to back away from the blade’s radiance.

There was a crackling sound behind her. Elaine glanced over her shoulder to see Maude Lynn raising her watch, which was emitting a golden glow of its own. “It was trying to flank you,” the Witch of the Grove explained. She frowned quietly. “Is it just me or this thing getting… gooier as it keeps at it?”

Elaine nodded. “Oh, it’s not just you.” She shuddered slightly. “Why do you think I’m not… attacking? Caladbolg isn’t even sure there’s something vital it can hit…”

Melissa shrieked, and waved her hands. A long wave of water appeared and splashed against another tentacle of the Kow’s. It pulled back, as if scalded. “It… it keeps trying to come at us from other directions…” she said nervously.

“Figures,” said Elaine. “Okay--I take north, Maude Lynn takes south, Melissa takes west, and Grace, you take east.”

Grace nodded, and rushed to the group, glancing around nervously. “So--how long do we do this?” she said.

“Well, if the Hedley Kow is nocturnal,” said Maude Lynn, “another four hours. Judging by the position of the moon and the stars.”

Grace glared at her. “I… hate you some times.”


  1. I wonder how long it will be before they try going up. They seem to have forgotten that they can fly...

  2. Not sure all of them can fly. It might also take time and concentration they don't have at the moment.

    More important, the Kow didn't like water. Take note, witches.