Saturday, March 30, 2013

Circles and Old Stones--Part 21

“Shit,” hissed Viviane, starting at her daughter and her handful of companions, trying to ward off the Kow. She turned to Mother Flint, hovering nearby with an ash wand in her hands. “You knew this, didn’t you? You knew what the Kow had… become.”

Mother Flint smiled, all black lips and horrid flint teeth. “I… suspected, yes. Because I do my job. I don’t go traipsing off to be the Lady of Castle Terribel.”

“But you didn’t TELL me,” said Viviane. “You didn’t warn me. So it’s more like you did half your job, then blamed me when nothing got done because you didn’t do the other half.” Flint snapped her teeth together, menacingly. Viviane took a deep breath. “You know what? Forget it. I’m sick and tired of playing this blame game with you. It gets us nowhere. What I’m going to do is save my daughter, the Witch of the Grove, and those two idiot cousins. Somehow.”

“The heart you say?” muttered Jean.

Viviane turned towards her sister. “What… Jean what did…?”

“Just got some advice from my creepy demonic spiritual advisor,” said Jean.

“Oh,” muttered Viviane. “That’s… nice.”

“She told me how to kill that thing,” said Jean.

“Well, that is nice!” declared Viviane, this time with more feeling.

Jean nodded. “Yep. Very nice. I’m going to go down and… take care of things.” She handed the pestle to Viviane who took it reluctantly. “I’ll need you and the others to… distract it for a while. So it doesn’t eat Elaine. And the rest.”

“Right, well if you could just exp--” began Viviane, only to watch her sister dive forward.

“Hoy, Hedley Kow!” shrieked Jean. “You bag of piss and shit! I deride and mock you, little lord of pus!” The Kow seemed to roil and bubble at Jean’s words. Jean stood before it, hands defiantly on her hips. “You dare pit yourself against the Badb and the Nemain? Against the might of House du Lac? You little streak of filth and offal! You!” She snickered. “Don’t make me laugh!”

Several things that seemed half like tentacles and half like heads surrounded Jean. “You think all this impresses me?” she declared, with a dismissive wave of her hand. “All you’ve shown me is that you’re no longer anything! Just a pathetic crawling sack of shit with delusions of gra--”

The things descended and engulfed Jean.

Viviane stared for a moment, then snarled and rushed at the Kow. “Oh, you bloody bastard!”

From up on her spoon, Meg Mowton sighed and shook her head. “And with a young child present,” she stated.

“Yay!” shouted Malina waving her hands enthusiastically. “Go, Mommy Viv! Kill it! Kill it with fire!” Malina looked at the Witch of Valse. “I hope Jean’s okay. And if she isn’t, I hope Mommy Viv can avenge her death.”

Meg Mowton nodded and patted Malina’s head.


  1. Ah, Malina, you cute little scene stealer.

  2. Kill it with fire! That's a good motto.