Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Weary Wanderer Homeward Wends His Way--Part 5

Sacripant Fenswater glanced at Palamedes. “So… it shows up about now, you say?”

“Some nights,” replied Palamedes testily. “Others nights, it doesn’t show.”

Justinian sighed. “So that means if it doesn’t show up, we have to come back here, and stand around some more, for your… giant beetle?” Quiet snickered and rolled her eyes.

“Butterfly!” snapped Palamedes. “Or… possibly a moth. I freely admit, I’m a little unsure of the exact species.”

“Does it have the straight antennae, or the little ones like brushes?” asked Sacripant.

Palamedes stared at the Marsh Erl in bafflement. “What, you think I’m making notes about the antennae of the GIANT FLYING INSECT I’m seeing?” He looked away. “When it shows up, I’m usually on my knees praying to the Darksome Lady…”

“Which is clearly working,” noted Quiet. “As it hasn’t eaten you yet.”

“Ex--” Palamedes blinked. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”

Quiet grinned and nodded.

Palamedes snarled and turned away. “Well, fine. What friends I have! I come to you in my hour of need, and all I get is mockery! Ceaseless mockery!”

Justinian sighed. “Look as fascinating as all this is, Pelleas is expecting me, so… I’ll leave you three to your… watch.”

“Helping him with this kai-tah contest?” asked Sacripant.

“It’s pronounced ‘kite’,” said the Milesian, as he walked away. “And yes.”

“Happy now?” asked Palamedes. “You’ve driven him away! Now we face the thing with one less man!”

Sacripant shut his eyes and sighed. “Well that would require us to believe that there is a thing too…” Quiet tugged on his sleeve. Sacripant frowned, and glanced at the Ghoul. “It’s appeared, hasn’t it?”

Sacripant looked up to see the large… thing hovering in the air. “Oh, Unholy Mother Night,” shouted Palamedes. “Protect us, your little children!”

Quiet grabbed Sacripant’s shoulder and yanked him down to a prayer position. “You sure this situation warrants this?”

Quiet looked at her lover. “Palamedes is right about something ridiculous,” she noted.

Sacripant nodded, and started to pray.

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