Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Lands of Light: The Battle for Empire (1)

Cettes' forces crossed the frontier in early spring, and began their inexorable march to the capital.  Ulrich responded by trying to raise more troops, while arming what he had as best he could.  But as Cettes' army took fortress after fortress, the King's options ran out, and he was forced to confront the Warden of the East in battle.  That went about as he expected, with Ulrich's forces overwhelmed by Baldizar's.  The King of Tintagel fled towards the Murkenmere, while Baldizar Cettes' continued towards the capital.  It seemed that Cettes' victory would be complete--when Seisyll Pescheour forces began to raid his line of supply.  Cettes' turned back to face the 'nuisance'--and was caught in ambush by the Leonais forces.  While the battle was short, with Seisyll and his men retreating early, it achieved something monumental.

Baldizar Cettes, the man who could have been the next Emperor, was dead.  And the struggle changed, utterly.

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