Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Lands of Light: The Battle for Empire (2)

The death of Baldizar Cettes saw his own little empire dividing much as the Holy Empire was doing, as his various lieutenants each tried to either seize control of Baldizar's forces, or break off their own little chunk of his territories.  While the situation in the East proper was horrifically complicated--Cettes had basically spent his time creating elaborate treaties with various tribes, most of which were now using those treaties as an excuse to invade, and occasionally conquer their neighbors--in the west, it all boiled down to few key lieutenants--Theodoric Cettes, Baldizar's brother and right-hand man; Rollo the Wake, a chieftain who served as the head of Baldizar's native auxiliaries, and Philibert de Almace, Baldizar's ambitious chief-of-staff.

As those three competed amongst themselves, Seisyll Pescheour had his forces round up the Oriflammes and place them under his "protection".  With that done, the Leonais returned to the north for the moment, allowing their enemies fight amongst themselves as they gathered support.  Meanwhile, King Ulrich, on the shores of the Murkenmere, tried desperately to gain some more allies, only to receive news that would send him back to Tintagel--his cousin was making a bid for the Holly Throne...

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