Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Lands of Light--Dividing the Spoils

As the fighting slowly came to an end, the combatants settled into their own respective territories and prepared for the next round.  While it would come, the resulting wars would be astonishingly petty things, fought for a small scrap of territory here or there.  Though all the claimants made a great deal of their pretentions to Empire, after Baldizar Cettes' death,  no one claimant made any honest effort to truly take the place of the Holy Emperor, and reunited what would had been sundered.

King Ulrich of Tintagel crushed his cousin's rebellion, and then spent the remainder of his life and reign trying to secure the funds for a war to claim the Imperial throne for his son.  But the long years in the Imperial realm had made Ulrich a stranger to his kingdom, with its ancient bureaucracy and long-settled ways.  He remained at Ys, an odd presence in the land he ruled, a man simultaneously honored and ignored.

In the East, the situation was a chaotic jumble.  Theodoric Cettes defeated Rollo with Philibert's help, and married his brother's widow in an effort to cement his claim to the Empire.  The lady died within a year, and Theodoric fled his capital after that, forced out by an alliance of Rollo and Philibert.  The pair fell out thereafter, and Philibert attempted to bring back Theodoric, but was defeated.  Rollo ruled as "Emperor" in the East for fifteen years--punctuated by brief usurpations by Philibert's son--and would be considered by historians the first true "Easter King", though he would undoubtedly dislike that title as much as his successors.  Rollo's son would be forced out by Theodoric's son, whose son would be killed by Rollo's grandson, who would be poisoned by one of his own generals at a feast, who would take the throne, only to lose it to...

Well, suffice to say, the Easter King's rule has always been an interesting one and leave it that.

As for Seisyll Pescheour, he would spend the next few decades working to enlarge Leonais prestige.  At first, he did so in the name of his nominal sovereign, the Oriflamme 'Emperor', but when the lad died, he took the plunge, married his eldest son to the boy's sister, and had the Pescheours take the Imperial mantle.  His son, Pelleas II, would continue his father's methods, expanding Pescheour lands when possible, expanding the Pescheour prestige and influence when it was not.  It can truly be said that they did the work that transformed Leonais from a province into a kingdom.

Meanwhile, across the river, powers changed...

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