Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Great Goat Herd of the Small Abbey of Secret Wisdom--Part 9

Abbé Rondel was waiting for them in the Common Room when they finished their meeting. “So, I assume you’re going to accept my offer,” he stated.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” began Faileuba. “We’ve discussed this and…”

“You’ve got a deal,” said Meliadus, sitting down next to the priest and offering him his hand.

“Holdfast!” snapped Faileuba. “Do you have to keep quaring my deals?”

He shrugged. “I kind of figured we had… you know, no leverage whatsoever.”

“He didn’t know that,” she noted.

“Yeah, he did,” stated Meliadua. “That’s part of the no leverage thing. If he didn’t know, we’d have some leverage. Instead of no leverage. Which is what we have. No leverage. None.”

Faileuba gave a frustrated nod. “Right. Got it.”

The Abbé stared at the pair. “Pardon me, but I have to know… are you two involved?”

Gwydd laughed. “I can understand the confusion, Your Holiness, but no, no they…”

“It’s ‘Your Reverence’, Gwydd,” said Meliadus. He turned to the Abbé . “And to answer your question… now and then.”

“Ours is a romance of captured moments in the midst of anguish,” declared Faileuba.

Gwydd blinked. “Wha… you’re kidding me? You two…” He pounded a fist on the table. “When?”

“Not all the time,” said Meliadus. “It’s an on-again, off-again thing.”

Faileuba glared at him. “Hey! Did you just call what we share a ‘thing’?”

“Well, it is,” said Meliadus, spreading his hands.

Faileuba glared at him. “Okay, Holdfast. You’ve just made me very angry, and I’m debating either not doing what we do when we get the chance for the foreseeable future OR…” And here she raised a dramatic finger to the heavens. “Doing it in such a fashion as to completely shatter the illusions of your petty mind. SO!” And now she pointed at him. “What color am I thinking of?”

Meliadus thought it over briefly. “Blue.”

Faileuba blinked. “Damn your luck, Holdfast.” She turned to Gwydd. “Right, you’re sleeping in the Common Room tonight.”

Gwydd looked at the Abbé . “Why did you have to ask that question, sir?”

“I’m naturally a bit nosy,” answered Rondel. “That is one reason I wound up in the priesthood. People tend not to mind when we ask questions.”

The Goblin’s look shifted into a glare. “Well, that really comforts me.”

“I told you you couldn’t trust a monk,” said Meliadus.

“He had a religious upbringing,” said Faileuba to Rondel.

“I can see that,” said the Abbé .

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