Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Great Goat Herd of the Small Abbey of Secret Wisdom--Part 13

Gwydd strode beside the Abbé . “So… how’s the road up ahead?

“Clear and easy going,” said Rondel, “for miles upon miles!”

The Goblin gave a nod. “Ah. Very good.” He nodded once more, then after looking around at the scenery, turned to the Abbé once again. “So… problems with bandits on this stretch?”

“Oh, no,” said Rondel. “They prefer more difficult sections. Easier to get a jump on people. No, the pleasant sections of road are more pleasant all around.”

Gwydd nodded again. “Ah. That’s… quite profound.”

Rondel gave a dismissive laugh. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”

“Well, I would. And I just did,” muttered Gwydd, frowning deeply to himself. He looked up at the sky. “Lovely weather, so far.”

“Indeed,” agreed Rondel.

“Of course, it might just rain,” said Gwydd.

“Oh, I doubt it,” said Rondel.

“It’s a bit cloudy,” noted Gwydd, a look of quiet desperation appearing around his eyes.

“It will pass,” answered the Abbé .

“But it might not,” stated Gwydd, insistently.

“It will,” replied Rondel. “Trust me, Palepole. I am well-acquainted with the weather in this region.”

“If you say so,” answered Gwydd, with a peevish nod.

Rondel regarded the Goblin for a moment. “You know, Palepole, if you will forgive an old man for lecturing…”

“Easily, Your Reverence,” answered Gwydd in a tone that was just a tad too eager.

“You might do to take a page from your partners.” The Abbé gestured down the road, where Faileuba and Meliadus were amusing themselves by bleating loudly at goats and then laughing when they bleated back.

“What?” Gwydd glanced at the pair, as Meliadus held two fingers to his forehead to imitate goat horns’ and bleated repeatedly, to Faileuba’s boundless delight. “But they’re idiots, Your Reverence.”

“Perhaps,” noted Rondel with a smile. “But they are idiots who demonstrate a talent for taking life as it happens. A gift many in my order struggle to achieve through years of effort.”

Gwydd frowned to himself. “They can do that because Fai and Holdfast are generally what happens. To other people. Most especially me.”

The Abbé regarded the Goblin for a moment, then shook his head and laughed. “You know, Palepole, you are truly fortunate those two put up with you.”

Gwydd blinked. “Wait… what?” He stared at Rondel, puzzled. “Is this… a day dedicated to that spiritual teacher who you celebrate by stating the exact opposite of the truth?”

“Enlightened Regulus,” stated the Abbé . “That’s who you’re thinking of. And we don’t follow his teachings in this order.”

“Not even on that day?” asked Gwydd.

“No,” answered Rondel. “Besides, it’s not that day anyway.”

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  1. Of course, the Abbé could be lying in all of those statements...