Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Great Goat Herd of the Small Abbey of Secret Wisdom--Part 16

Meliadus regarded the boulders lying on the road before him. “Hmmm… yeah, this is a classic bandit trick. Get you to either leave the main road, or tire yourselves out moving the stones… Then strike…”

The Abbé glanced around, eyes narrowed in concern. “So what happens if we do neither?”

“They probably still attack in a little while,” answered Meliadus, scratching his head. “It’s really not a situation with a lot of different outcomes. They’re gonna attack. Probably only reason they haven’t is, there’s a lot of you guys. And also, we’re here.” He gave a yawn. “Yep. Likely to attack soonish.”

“How soonish?” asked Rondel.

A rock was thrown at them from the woods. “Ehh, about twenty seconds ago,” said Meliadus, taking cover among the boulders.

“Are you showing off that damned internal watch thing you’ve got going?” said Faileuba as she rushed forwards. “Because that is damned annoy--” A rock came hurtling towards her head. She swiftly pivoted and raised one glowing fist. As she struck it, it crumbled to dust. Fai glared out into the woods “Are these guys--throwing rocks at us?” Another rock came hurtling towards her. She deflected it, and snarled. “They are hurtling ROCKS at us! I am… insulted!” She waved her fist at the woods. “Listen you jerks, mountains have hurled rocks at us with little to no effect! And now--now you’re trying it? JERKS!”

Gwydd huffed into view. “Took you long enough,” said Meliadus.

“Goblin,” muttered Gwydd. “Don’t… have your freakish long Erl legs.” He looked around at the monks, who were busily trying to keep the goat herd under control. “We’re down an acolyte…”

“Macsen panicked, and ran off,” said one.

Gwydd nodded to himself. “Which way?” he asked. The acolyte gestured to the east--Gwydd gave another nod, then rushed off in that direction.

“What was that about?” asked Faileuba, smashing another rock as it came at her.

Meliadus shrugged. “It’s a Palepole thing, I guess,” he said. “Me, I’m more worried about when these guys are going to get tired of hurling ro…”

A large Ogre with light blue skin and fair hair of a Jotun rushed out of the woods. Faileuba shook her head. “Yeah, I hate it when you do that Holdfast.”

Meliadus nodded. “Want me to take care of this?” he asked.

Faileuba gave a nod. “You know I love watching you work,” she noted.

Meliadus leapt to his feet, and rushed at the Ogre, who swung a massive fist at the nimble Erl. Meliadus expertly dodged the blow, then lashed out with an expertly placed kick to the Ogre’s side. As the Ogre shuddered, Meliadus danced backwards, then dodged the next blow. The Ogre gave a grunt as Meliadus took advantage of the opening to hammer several more hits into his side, then fell backwards after taking a kick to the stomach. Meliadus danced around his opponent, smiling.

There was a sudden, slight pop, and a Dev appeared behind Faileuba, holding a knife to her back. “Give it up now, Erl, or…” he began, only for Faileuba to whirl around and knock the blade from his hands. The Dev stared for a moment, then produced a second knife. He made a swift stab at Fai, who blocked the knife with her hand.

The Dev stared at the broken weapon for a second, then vanished with another pop. He reappeared in the air, spread his wings, and began to glide away.

“Hey! You come back here!” shouted Faileuba as she rushed off after him. “I don’t consider your ass sufficiently kicked!”

Meliadus chuckled to himself, as he dodged the Ogre’s latest blow, and then readied himself for a leaping kick.

It was bit flashy, but that was part of the charm, and he got so few opportunities to use it.

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