Thursday, November 13, 2014

Down in the Darkness Deep--Part 2

Aethelstan glanced ahead in the line to the Graharz. “An easy battle, you said,” he noted. “A few hours, then we’d be on our way home.”

The Graharz glanced back at his kinsman. “Well, I was right about it lasting a few hours,” he stated.

“No talking,” muttered the Ogre who was escorting the line. “Prisoners should walk in silence…”

The Graharz glanced at the towering figure. “You know, I think I have a coin in my boot…” he began.

The Ogre gave a deep, booming laugh at that. “Do you think I am a fool? If you did have anything in your boot, the men who captured you have it now.” The tall figure leaned forward. “Listen well, Milesians--you are in the shadow of Great King Sutekh, whose reach extends from the South to both sides of the Murkenmere!”

“Well, parts of both sides,” said Aethelsan.

The Ogre gave a snort. “Do not mock the Great Son of Night, little man. You are in his power, and soon, you will work for his glory, as do we all.” He shook his massive head and gave a shrug. “If you had been wise, you would have fought for him. But you were not, so you will go down in the darkness deep, of the Cthonique Mountain, and find him gold and silver by breaking rocks, until you die.”

The Graharz frowned. “You make it sound so appealing,” he noted.

“No, it is horrible, and it will kill you, kill you very dead, very slow,” said the Ogre blandly. “But that is how you’ve chosen to serve King Sutekh. And I will not argue with your choice.”

“Ferrex,” came a hard voice, “what are the instructions about talking to the prisoners?”

The Ogre turned to regard an Erl, who have seemed quite tall, had he not been standing next to the Ogre. “I was telling them to be quiet, and they tried to bribe me.” Ferrex smiled. “So I told them what’s in store for them, Lord Amadan.”

Amadan chuckled. “Well, that sounds permissible.” He regarded the Milesians. “Attempted bribery, eh? That’s worth a lashing…”

“But that would likely kill them before they get to Mount Cthonique,” said Ferrex. “No real point.”

Amadan nodded. “Very true.” He regarded the pair. “You are fortunate to have such reasonable captors, and I hope you thank the Lady for that.”

“We will,” muttered the Graharz, as Amadan and Ferrex moved further down the line.

“I’m starting to envy the rest of the band for dying at Bitterleaves,” said Aethelstan quietly.

“Just starting?” said the Graharz quietly.

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