Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Siege of the White Mountain Vol. 3: Due to the Dead--Part 26

Duke Naimon Nestor glared at the mountain pass before him.  "Fall," he muttered.  "Cave in.  Bury them in snow, in ice, in rock."

These things stubbornly refused to happen.  Even after he hoped they would for several long moments.

Naimon snarled to himself, and cursed his luck.  The damned Nightfolk and their traitor allies had gotten themselves into a highly defendable position, which they had exploited to the fullest.  Several times he had tried to lure them from it, and failed--two times he had tenatively attacked and been repulsed.  It was... infuriating.

"Sir!" came a voice that was slightly less infuriating, but still infuriating.  Duke Naimon turned to regard Lord Osric.

"Yes, Lord de Ross?," muttered the old man quietly.

"Good news, sir!" he said.  "There's a small path, which if we take it, I've been told, leads AROUND the pass, allowing us to take them from behind!"

Naimon stared at the man for a moment.  "And you have verified this?"

"Oh, we were told by a local," said Lord Osric.  "And--well, you can see the path wending its way up past it..."

"Very well," said Naimon with a nod.  "You have done well, Lord de Ross, we will send some men..."

"Oh, I've also done that," explained Osric.  "A few scouts, to give us the lay of the land."  He gave a laugh.  "Why, they even spotted a pair of guards the Nightfolk left there!  I've no doubt they made quick work of them!"  He stroked his chin.  "Why, I bet we might be in time to see the fools suffer."  He turned.  "Come, sir, and enjoy a bit of righteous vengeance with me."

"Very well," said the Duke.  He did after all, have burning need for some righteous vengeance.  It was a decent stroll to the spot, where a small crowd now stood.  A young serjeant saluted the pair.

"Lord de Ross, Duke Nestor," said the man quietly.  "It is... good to see you."

Osric glanced around, clearly puzzled.  "What is all this?  I left a few men here..."

"They went down the path a while ago, sir," said the serjeant.  "To try and save the scouts."

"What?" Osric blinked.  "There... there were four men, on horseback, chasing two Nightfolk on FOOT!"

The serjeant fidgeted.  "Yes, but... well..."  He coughed.  "There were complications, sir."  He glanced away. "Those are some tough Nightfolk."

Naimon began to massage his temples, while Osric stared at the man.  "So... they went down to save the scouts, and you came here to guard..."

"Oh, sir," said the serjeant.  "We came to guard here after the last group went to save the men who went to get the men who went to get the men you left to save the scouts."

"They've got 'em!" shouted one of the crowd.

The serjeant glanced at Lord Osric.  "Should we go and try to save them, sir?"

Lord Osric winced, and gave Duke Naimon an apologetic glance.

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