Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Lands of Light: Northern Leonais

Few of the Lands of Light present as much contrast as Leonais, with its "civilized" south, and its "savage" north.   And yet for all that the former has come to dominate the land, it is in the latter that Leonais began, and--some argue--that still remains its beating heart.  From the inhospitable coast that the Pescheours ruled for generations before Seisyll the Great inserted himself into the civil war that marked the Holy Empire's death throes, to the wild hills of Almace and the cold grandeur of Durandel comes much of the soldiery that fights the kingdom's wars.  It is the rule of this hard land that has let the Leonais hold off the Nightfolk and the Easter King, as well as dominate other more friendly neighbors...

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