Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Lands of Light--The Easter Kingdom, Trinovant

At the center of that great Kingdom is its capital, Trinovant--a young city, but an impressive one, filled with sights to amaze.  It was for this the city was built, for the Easter King who created it, Vasily the Blind, desired it to be a wonder, that would command the respect of all who saw it, a city of topless towers, great bells, fine statues, and wondrous fountains.  Vasily built it, knowing he would never see it--but he also never saw it completed.  It was his son, Dmitri, who would wander its streets, live in its palaces, and declare "Here is the city that will never be equaled." 

Those who follow him as Easter King--for Dmitri had no children, and his family has not ruled for centuries--keep up this boast, surrounded by their slave soldiers and wearing their golden diadems.

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