Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Lands of Light: The Kingdom of Tintagel, the Outer Islands

Of course, Ys and the isle it rests on are only part of Tintagel--albeit somewhat under half.  There are over seventy Holly Isles, though it must be added many are quite tiny and cannot support sizable settlements.  On the larger ones there exist a lower nobility then the high officials of the two Courts, ruling over their own halls and petty fiefdoms with a sort of rural solipsism.  For the earls and barons, the affairs of the Right and Left Courts matter not at all, and the High King--or Queen--of Tintagel is a figure that borders on the mythic.  And yet one should not imagine that they are any less devoted to the Holly Throne than their fellow, nor that there lives are any less bounded by age-old custom...

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