Saturday, June 27, 2015

And the River, It Goes On--Part 12

Elaine sat on the log, watching the sunset.  She blinked, and brought her hand to the Sword of Light.  "Hey, thought I heard you," she said, shutting her eyes.  "Well... felt you I suppose."  She smiled.  "Yeah, I know.  It's tough finding words for these things.  So--how's Orgagna?" 

A smile touched the young woman's face.  "Wow.  Sounds neat.  Can't wait to get there.  Here?"

She opened her eyes, and glanced over the ruined, blighted scenery.  She shut her eyes again.  "Awful.  Amfortas has had his people burning everything that will burn, and tearing up the rest."  She scowled.  "Malice, as much as anything else.  That's what I think anyway."

She took a deep breath.  "Yeah, I should probably head down your way soon.  Nothing really to see here.  It's the same thing, everywhere."  Elaine smiled.  "Love you to.  Tell Mom 'hi' for me."  She opened her eyes, and looked at the ruin.  A polite cough came over her shoulder.  Elaine turned to see Marfisa standing nearby.

"Got some apples," said her friend.  She lifted a hand with a small sack of the fruit.  "If you want them."

Elaine raised a hand.  "Give."  Marfisa tossed one, which Elaine managed to catch midair.

"You're getting good at that," said the young Marshal, sitting next to her friend.

"Hey, all the crazy practice has to be good for something," said Elaine. She took a bite out of the apple, and chewed.  "Mmm.  This is good."

"Yeah," said Marfisa.  "I think they're straight out of the Shadow Wood."

"I believe it," said Elaine.  She chomped them down, and then stared at it.  "You know--when I was a kid, I always felt this... kinship to the Lands of Light.  I mean, I was a Nightlander, no doubt about it--daughter of the Badb and all that--but I still felt... there was a part of me that belonged here."  She sighed.  "And then... well, I won't bore you with the tale, but some crap happened, and I started to really, really want to feel I had nothing to do with this place.  But now... looking at it... reduced to this... for so long..."  Elaine shook her head.  "I was right before.  This is my land.  And it's hurting.  And I have to help it.  Somehow."

Marfisa took a bite of an apple.  "Man--these are juicy ones."

Elaine nodded.

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