Thursday, June 4, 2015

And the River, It Goes On--Part 2

Belengier Nestor stood and dropped the last stone on the last cairn.  He took a deep breath and stepped away.  "Right."  He stared for a moment at the cairns that filled what had once been an empty field, and gave a nod of dull satisfaction. There were many cairns--enough that he thought men would one day start calling them countless.  But Belengier knew they were wrong.  There was a precise count, and he knew it.

Indeed, he suspected he'd remember it for the rest of his days.

Jean Crow stood next to his horse, regarding him as he approached.  "So... you want to talk about this?"

"No, I don't," said Belengier.  "I suspect I never will."

Jean nodded.  "I can understand that.  When my father died..." She coughed. "Well, he was my adopted father, my real father was this guy I never knew who died when I was year old in..."  She noticed Belengier was starting at in a rather puzzled fashion.  "Yeah, nevermind that.  All I was going to say was it was damn hard, so.. even if though I can't compare with the number..."  She winced.  "Right.  Shutting the hell up, right now, damn it."

Belengier nodded as he got on his horse.  "I appreciate that."   He looked over at the field.  "I also appreciate what you did about the chateau..."

The Nemain gave a shrug.  "Ehh, my niece wanted me to look for you after..."

"The Princess Elaine?"  Belengier gave a chuckle.  "She's a rum girl."

"Yeah, she likes you too," said Jean.  The young witch gave a cough.  "Ummm... Friend 'likes', not... the other 'likes'."  Jean looked at him pointedly. "Don't get them confused.  Viv would not be pleased.  And the prospect of an angry Viv terrifies me, and I'm her beloved, long-lost sister.  Who leveled that building you wanted leveled. Am I making it clear?"

Belengier nodded absently.  "Didn't really cross my mind."  He took a deep breath.  "Prince Amfortas is a dead man.  I will hunt for him to the ends of the earth, and if I find him, I will kill him.  This I swear, as Duke of Agrismont."

Jean gave a sad smile.  "You've got a lot of people competing with you on that."

"Tell me their names," said Belengier, "and I'll recite them to him, when I bludgeon him to death."


  1. ...and now I really want to see the scene where Belengier bludgeons Prince Amfortas to death while reciting a litany of names.

    1. I hope it's an actual scene...

    2. I think I'd rather see Elaine kill him. But I suspect it will probably be a team effort, with Amfortas and allied Stylites versus Elaine and some of her magic-using kinfolks.