Thursday, June 11, 2015

And the River, It Goes On--Part 5

The two Stylites stood there in the courtyard, looking imposing in their heavy cloaks and veils.  Of course, they always looked so to Doctor Praetorious but somehow they seemed... more so this time.  It was almost as if some unseen cloaks that covered them alongside their visible ones had been stripped back, laying bare an impression of power that it hid.

Amfortas however move towards them, apparently oblivious to this change.  "Sepulchre," he declared.  "Gravedust.  So good of you to come." He smiled broadly at them.  "I have been trying to contact Grandmaster Radiance, but..."

"The Grandmaster is busy," stated one of the Stylites--Praetorious could not be sure which one.

"Indeed," said Amfortas, "but I do feel my concerns--"

"His affairs far exceed anything you can imagine," noted the other Stylite abruptly--at least, Praetorious thought it was the other.  "Your mind can no more contain them than it can contain the stars in the sky."

Amfortas seemed to be about to say something.  One of the Stylites raised his hand.  "When the Grandmaster wishes to speak to you, you will hear.  No sooner."

"Acolytes will be arriving shortly," noted the other Stylite.  "Room must be prepared for them."

His partner nodded.  "Sepulchre and I will see to this," he stated.  "You must make sure we are allowed to."

"Of course," stated Amfortas, "but I..."

"Your questions will be answered in due time," stated  Sepulchre.  "No sooner."

"We are very busy," stated the other--Gravedust, Praetorious realized.  "We will deal with you when we have the time.  But this situation leaves us with much to do."  The Stylite gave a bow that bordered on the mocking.  "We apologize for your inconvenience."

Sepulchre began to move forward.  "We have delayed too long.  Our apparatus must be prepared."  He walked past the Prince as if he didn't even see him, with Gravedust following.  It struck the doctor then, what was happening here.  Amfortas had become... unimportant to the Stylites.  Where once they deferred to him, now they humored him.  At best.  Looking at the man, still smiling, as always, he was left wondering if Amfortas could feel it too.

And he wondered what the Prince would do, if he did.

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