Saturday, June 13, 2015

And the River, It Goes On--Part 6

Marfisa Mongrane sighed as she stared at the blackened fields.  "Why is he doing this?" she muttered.

"Because he lost," said Elaine.  "This is how Amfortas loses.  Badly."

"But this is his land," said Marfisa.  She coughed.  "Sort of.  I really don't get Milesian customs in these matters..."

Elaine sighed.  "It's complicated."  She shook her head. "But Amfortas isn't.  He just likes hurting things. Especially things that he thinks belong to him."

"Yeah, but..."  Marfisa sighed.  "Never mind.  After all that, I'm not certain the Prince has any idea what he's doing.  It's just... lambs to the slaughter. If lambs had two legs, and could carry spears."  She blinked.  "You know that would be kinda cool, actually.  They'd walk around, baaing, all cute, and then... they'd attack!"

Elaine stared at her friend for a moment.  "You haven't been sleeping for awhile, have you?"

"It's been an exhausting few weeks," answered Marfisa.  She glanced around again. "So... we win all this... and now we have to feed people here because it's all been turned into wasteland.  As winter starts."  She blinked. "Damn.  Suddenly, it does make sense.  Kinda."

"Lots of Amfortas' plans are like that," said Elaine.  "He's not stupid, he just... doesn't care about things most of us do.  It's just that... you think  about what might happen in the long run, and..."  She shuddered.

"Yeah, yeah," agreed Marfisa with a nod.  "It's... just... I did everything I was supposed to, fought the battles, won, even if..."  She blinked.  "It was... harder in parts then I thought, and... it's not over.  I thought it would be over, and... cool, but it's not, it's..."

Elaine regarded her for a moment.  "You know, I think there are cookies back in camp."

Marfisa considered that.  "What kind of cookies?"

"The little ones with raspberry in them," said Elaine.

"You sure?" asked Marfisa hopefully.  Elaine nodded.  Marfisa turned around. "Right.  Back to camp."

Elaine watched her friend, and found herself wishing that everything in the Lands of Light would be as easy to heal.  Even if she knew that wasn't even true in this case.

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