Saturday, July 25, 2015

And the River, It Goes On--Part 24

Madame Armida watched the carriage roll into the stable, her mismatched eyes quietly excited.  "Well done, Friend Porone."

The merchant smiled as he exited the carriage.  "You honor me beyond warrant, Friend."  He spread his hands.  "After all, for a man with my resources, moving... the package was simplicity itself."

Armida chuckled.  "I see modesty remains among your many virtues."

"I would hope so, Friend," said Porone, with a bow.  "How ever many I have, I doubt they are enough to warrant arrogance on my part."

A loud cough came from the carriage.  "Can I please get out of this now?  Please?  PLEEEEAAAAASE?"

Armida sighed.  "Yes.  You may." 

There was an audible pop, as Falerina Ashurana appeared.  "Yaay!  That was so confining!"  She shuddered slightly.  "You have no idea how confining it was.  Very, very confiing."  The Dev blinked.  "Hey... you're that..."  She glanced around nervously.  "Painted lady friend of Nisrioch's.  You're also in the Necklace?"  She laughed.  "Neat!  Man, it's amazing how many people hate the Cthoniques as much as I hate the Cthoniques!"

Armida gave a weary nod.  "Indeed."  She turned to Porone.  "I assume all the loose ends on the other end have been taken care of."

Porone seemed about to speak, when Falerina chirped in.  "Yes!  He was very nice to all the people who knew where I was there.  He told me they are all living in  a very nice place, where they are very happy."  Armida stared at her for a moment, and then Falerina burst out laughing.  "Yeah, I'm just messing with you.  I know he killed them all."  She gave a slight pout. "I wish you'd let me help.  I'm good at killing."  She clapped her hands together.  "And I like to do it!"  She glanced at the carriage-driver.  "Does he need to be taken care of?"  Porone shook his head.  "Ohhh," murmured Falerina in disappointment.

Armida turned to Porone.  "I suddenly feel I have not been appreciative enough of your efforts in this."

"She's been quiet throughout most of the trip," answered Porone.

Armida stepped forward and placed a companionable hand on the Dev's shoulder.  "Now, then, my dear Friend," she stated.  "I think we have many things to talk about.  Especially about Castle Terribel."

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