Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 13

Lady Lyn aimed her bow at the apple as it spun in the air, one eye narrowing as planned her shot.  With one swift motion, the arrow was loosed, speeding through the air to strike its target.  Lady Lyn gave a satisfied nod as the skewered apple struck the ground, bouncing several times.   She turned to a slightly chubby woman in a blue dress standing nearby.  "Another apple," she declared.

"These are some of the last of the year," declared the woman. 

"Do I look like I care, Nell?" asked Lady Lyn, readying another arrow.

"Not at the moment, no," stated Nell.  "But when I have to explain why I can't make an apple pie, I don't want you complaining."

Lady Lyn gave a dismissive wave of her hand.  "Apple pies will not satisfy what I truly desire!  Only vengeance!  Vengeance for Queen Yolande!  Slain by Prince Amfortas!"

"I heard she killed herself," said Nell quietly.

"Accounts are contradictory," stated Lady Lyn.  "But they all agree that Amfortas had something to do with it."

"So, no apple pie," muttered Nell.  "Just vengeance."  She sighed and tossed an apple.  "Well, I hope you enjoy your... meal."

"Oh, I will," said Lady Lyn, as she shot another arrow.  "Though I won't strickly speaking be eating it."  She bit her lip.  "Actually, when you think of it like that... Maybe an apple pie wouldn't be so bad..."

"We don't have enough apples now!" snapped Nell.

Lady Lyn clenched her fist. "Another thing to lay at Amfortas' door!  I will avenge our lack of tasty apples!  This I swear!"

Nell stared at the younger woman stonily  "You are simply being contrary, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not," answered Lady Lyn with a smile.  She chuckled as Nell growled under her breath.  "Oy, Caspar!" she said, as the steward approached.  "Any news from our captive?"

"Yes," said Caspar.  "He likes the beef stew."  He shrugged.  "We haven't gotten to the important questions yet."

Lady Lyn frowned.  "Well, you better hurry.  We have a sacred duty to uphold."  She raised her hand.  "For the Holly Throne!"  she shouted, as she marched away.

Nell watched her leave, and shook her head.  "I wish we could go back to before all this... happened to her.  She was easier to deal with."

"Well, that would put us years long before the Leonais tried to annex us," said Caspar.  "Hells, by my reckoning, it would put us back when she was still working out the whole 'walking matter'."

"Happy days," muttered Nell, with a nod.

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