Saturday, August 29, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 15

Ryke glanced out at the city of Ys as the little cog he had requisitioned approached it. When he'd arrived in Tintagel, the city had been something of a marvel to look upon, with tall towers and fair lanes shaded by tall trees.

Well, the trees were gone now, and many of the towers had fallen in the fires that had ravaged the city, starting with the one that had destroyed the Senate.  Ryke couldn't help but feel a sort of satisfaction as he saw it come into view--this city so proud, now so utterly humbled.  It had seen itself as better than the Leonais.

Well, they had certainly shown them.

As the cog sailed into the port, Ryke saw the ships under construction--more than could be counted, and felt a bit small, when he compared his own work to assemble the Prince's hoped-for fleet to what he saw before him.  It almost made Ryke feel inadequate--but then he reminded himself, when he finished what he had come here for, no would dare place Ryke anywhere but near the top of Prince Amfortas' loyal servants.

There was a distressing bump that interrupted Ryke's thoughts.  Glancing over the side, he saw that his cog had struck a fishing vessel, breaking it into pieces.  Ryke thought he might have seen a body pitching in the water, but he wasn't sure.

Nor did he particularly care, really.  He just hoped no one raised a fuss when he was got to the shore. 

The ship's owner was coming to him now, looking rather worried.  "Sir," he said, nervously

"I saw," said Ryke.  "Get us docked."

The man blinked.  "But... sir, when something like this happens, it's customary..."

"Get us docked," said Ryke.

The man stared at him a moment, and then with a nod backed away.

Ryke went back to staring at Ys, that feeling of satisfaction that filled him feeling somehow even great at the moment.

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