Saturday, August 1, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 3

The group marched through the dark, almost hidden paths of the forest.  "You're Lady Lyn, aren't you?"  said the small man suddenly. 

The woman who lead the archers who had him surrounded made no reply. 

"Fine, don't answer," muttered the man.  "I know it's true.  You're Lady Lyn, the mad rebel of the woods, who takes men's manhoods as trophies when she kills them!"  He whimpered, as the woman froze in place.  "Oh, please, please dread dame, if you must kill me let me die a whole man!"  The woman motioned for her men to stop and approached her captive.

"Where did you hear that?" she said sternly.

The captive gulped.  "Hear... what?" he finally managed to reply.

"That I take manhoods as trophies," she stated. 

"I... everywhere," said the confused captive.  "It's all over our camp."  He peered at her hopefully.  "You... don't?"

"Well, I'm half a mind to start," said Lady Lyn, her tone amused.  "After all, it sounds like a great way to make people even more terrified of me, which is what I want."  She glanced at her men.  "Don't you agree?"

The group nodded almost as one.  "Most definitely, Lady Lyn," said one.  "Why, the very thought gives me goosebumps!"

"You're encouraging her in this?" muttered the captive, surprised.

"First off, she's our employer, so it's to our benefit," noted the one who'd spoke.  "Secondly, she's terrifying, so we don't want to cross her.  And thirdly, you are a vile foreign bastard who works for the viler foreign bastards who are causing us trouble.  So if anybody deserves such a fate, it's you."

Lady Lyn gave her captive a sympathetic glance. "Tell you what..."  She paused.  "I just realized we failed to ask you your name..."

"Mauritz," said her captive with a certain frightened eagerness.

"Well, Mauritz, we have certain questions we wish to ask you when we reach our base," stated Lady Lyn.  "And if you continue to be so prompt and honest in your answers, you won't be the first prisoner whose manhood I hack off.  Now, how does that sound?"

"Lovely, miss!" declared Mauritz.

Lady Lyn clapped her hands together.  "Excellent.  Isn't it wonderful that we can all come to a mutually beneficient arrangement?"

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