Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 4

Ryke watched the men toiling to finish the ship and gave a snarl.  "Oy," he declared snapping his whip.  "Hurry it up, you sluggards!  We need this vessel in sailing order NOW!"   The Prince's Man gave a satisfied chuckle as the men sped up their labors.  In fact, Ryke had no idea when they needed the ship done, but it amused to make the men jump.

Actually, it amused him to think that he was still alive and active when he'd been facing a noose before the Prince took him on, but then, he was an easy fellow to amuse.

"Job's going well, Ryke?" came a thick voice by his side.  Ryke turned to see the fat form of Gibbel standing by him, blotting his forehead with a handkerchief.

"Fair enough," said Ryke. 

Gibbel frowned and blotted his forehead even more fervantly.  "Then you're a lucky man."  He spat.  "Lost two ships yesterday.  One got sunk.  The other... lit afire!"  He looked at Ryke significantly. 

"And to think, Gilly isn't even here," said Ryke, with a smile.

"Mmm.  Mmm."  Gibbel gave a distracted nod.  "I blame these savages.  Don't know how to listen to their rightful lord."  He gave an exaggerated sniff.  "I tell you, I always thought Tintagel was a civilized land, till I came here.  But now..." 

"Well, we'll be done soon enough, I reckon," said Ryke.  Truthfully, this was a guess on his part, but he figured they had to be close to finished with the damn fleet by now.  "So... what did you do about them ruining your boats?"

"Oh, strung a bunch up as a lesson," said Gibbel absently.  "That quieted them down.  For the moment."

"It'd better," muttered Ryke. "Don't think we can kill them all again, and get more workers.  At least if the reports I'm hearing are true."

Gibbel sighed.  "Bloody superiors.  They expect you to work miracles, after they foul things up for you."

Ryke nodded in dull agreement.

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