Saturday, August 8, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 6

"Right!  Here we are!" declared Lady Lyn dramatically, gesturing ahead to the great stone building that lay before the group.

Mauritz stared at the impressive building ahead of him.  "Is that... a palace?"he gulped.  "Out here?"

Lady Lyn gave a satisfied chuckle.  "You mainlanders had no idea the Stag's Horn exited, eh.  Impressive, no?"

"Technically," said one of her followers, "it's a hunting lodge, not a palace."

"Oh, hush, Armin," said Lyn with a scowl.  "We shouldn't quibble.  It's a stone building with a giant wall surrounding it.  That my ancestors blew a lot of money on over the years."  She chuckled.  "Thank you, great-grandfather Rudolf.  Your squandering of a fortune of amber money saved over the centuries is now forgiven by your descendents."

"Well, some of his descendents," muttered another of her men.

Lyn turned suddenly.  "That was never proven, Casper! Your grandfather has many potential sires, by most accounts."  She coughed.  "Anyway, now is not the time to discuss moldy old unproven scandals from generations past."  She clapped her hands together. "Onward to the Stag's Horn!  Casper--secure the prisoner!"

Casper blinked.  "This is because I brought up the bastardry thing, isn't it?"

"Yes," said Lyn. "Now--secure!"

Casper grumbled and produced a bit of rope.  He approached Mauritz.  "Right.  Hold out your hands."  

Mauritz did so, and watched as the man tied them together.  "So... what will happen when I get there?"

"Silence!" shouted Lady Lyn.  "Does the prisoner not realize how merciful we are being to him?"

Mauritz winced.  "No, no, I realize, your ladyship.  I... I just..."

"You will remember that WE will ask the questions here," declared Lady Lyn.  "Not you.  Now onwards!"

Armin fell in behind her.  "May I reiterate that it is somewhat... unnerving how easily you've adopted this persona?"

"You may," said Lady Lyn.  "And I will continue to not care."

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