Thursday, August 13, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 8

The wind howled outside the hunting lodge.  Mauritz shuddered as he listened to it, thankful at least that he wasn't out there at the moment.  Even if he was presently stuck in a closet.

Lady Lyn apparently didn't have room for a dungeon in her hunting lodge.  Which is why he'd been placed in this large--but not that large--closet.  It wasn't very comfortable, but then... they were feeding him.

Actually, the food was better than what he'd gotten back in camp.  And while he was infinitely more cramped, the fact was he was also infinitely dryer than he had been as a free man.

Really, he was starting to wish he'd been captured earlier.  It was an utter improvement from his previous condition.

There was a knock on the door.  "Right," came the voice of one of his captors. "You still in there?"

"Yes," answered Mauritz, after briefly considering 'no' as a reply.

"Good," said the captor.  "I'm bringing in a chamberpot.  Don't try to escape."  There was a shuffling, and the door opened.  The man entered with a rather nice looking chamberpot that he placed on the floor.  Mauritz watched him pick up what remained of the food.

"What do you plan to do to me?" he asked at last.

"We told you," said the man.  "Ask you some questions."

Maurtiz looked away at that.  "I've seen some of the Prince's Men do that to prisoners in camp," he muttered at last.

"Yes, well, we're less creative than them,"said the man.  A tight smile came to his face.  "Though I do recommend you answer all our questions.  Truthfully.  And swiftly."

"Oh, no problems about that, sir," said Mauritz. 

The man stared at him a moment, and gave a sigh.  "You seem like a decent fellow," said his captor at last. "Why are you here, invading our land?"

"I was poor, so I took a coin, and swore to serve my king," said Maurtiz.  "Somehow, that wound up sending me here."  He shrugged. "I'll be damned if I understand any of it, these days."

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