Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 19

Armin glanced at Bede, Casper and Nell, all calmly playing cards.  "So," he said at last, "do you think she's going to kill them?"  He gave a slight cough.  "Or something?"

Casper rolled his eyes, and put down a card.  "I play the Fool." 

Nell clicked her tongue.  "You wily man." She placed a card down.  "Four of acorns."

"I've never understood this game," muttered Bede, tossing down his card.  "Five of bells."

"Is anyone going to answer me?" muttered Armin.

"Have you heard any screaming?" replied Caspar, taking the hand.  "I make my chelam," he declared grandly.  Nell nodded, and poured out some lentils onto the pile before her, then pushed the whole thing towards Caspar, who accepted them with a certain noble abstraction, and then began to shuffle the cards again. 

"No," said Armin.

Caspar began to deal the cards.  "Then I would assume she is not." 

"But what are we going to do with these men?"  muttered Armin.

Nell paused from staring at her hand with what looked like disappointment, and stared at Armin.  "Do you... want her to kill them, then?"

Armin shifted nervously.  "Well, no, but..."  He scratched his leg.  "Well, it'll be hard dealing with them."

"Yes," muttered Bede, looking over his hand.  "We might run out of stew."   After a while, he took two cards and placed them in the small pile that lay before him.

"I bid 'Garde sans'!" declared Caspar.  Nell and Bede both glared at him, then nodded, and folded their cards.  With a smile, he pulled the six cards in the pile to the side, and began play.  "Now then, Armin," said Caspar calmly, "I wouldn't be too worried.  Her Ladyship will doubtless muddle through in that way that is unquestionably her own."

Lady Lyn strode into the room, something which should have been ridiculous, given her height, and yet most assuredly was not.  "Right!" she declared.  "Everyone stop what they're doing! We move TONIGHT!"

Caspar blinked.  "You know, we could finish this..."  Bede and Nell threw down their cards and walked away from the table.  He sighed.  "Right.  Right."

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