Saturday, October 3, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 30

Gregory Tyne glanced across the room at Gwendolyn.  "So... it's been awhile..."

Gwen nodded at him, fiddling with her hair in that way she'd always had.  "Yep.  It has."  She gestured to the room they were in.  "Room's still the same though.  I've kept it that way."

Gregory blinked.  "You... what...?"

"Well, your father sold it after you left," she explained guilelessly.  "Because he was moving.  To avoid getting killed."

"Ahh," said Gregory with a wince.

Gwen nodded again.  "Yep.  And I bought it."  She glanced around.  "It's still very nice."  She smiled at him.  "You remember the last time we were here?"

Gregory blushed  "It's not something I can easily forget.  Or would want to."

Gwen smiled slightly, and looked away.  "Yeah.  It was... nice."  She looked at him hopefully.  "Do you still have the minature I gave you?"

"Sold it," he muttered.  "A long time ago."  He looked at her apologetically.  "I... needed the money."

"It's... all right," she muttered.  "I... my father burnt the ring you carved me."  She looked at him interestedly.  "Has there been anyone else?"

Gregory took some time to process that statement, and failed.  "What?"

"Another girl," she asked.  "Or... somebody.  I hear things are odd in the Nightlands."

"There are odd things everywhere," said Gregory with a laugh.  "But no.  Not really.  Oh, a few dalliances when I was lonely, but nothing serious."

Gwen leaned forward, her eyes lighting up.  "So... you're saying that in all the years since we last met here, you haven't had anything like that really?"

"Well, that is what I just..." began Gregory.  However, before he could finish she'd tackled him to the mattress.

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