Thursday, October 8, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 32

Kessler stared at the flag hanging from Laodegan Town's wall--such as they were--a red banner with a strange green design on it.  It was a striking thing, especially when you considered the fact that it most certainly NOT been hanging from the walls when they left.

"The Holly Leaf banner," came Bres' voice at his shoulder.

The captain turned.  "How do you keep doing that...?"

"Ex-poacher," said Bres.  He pointed to the banner.  "I think that's a more important matter right now."

Kessler gave an abstracted nod.  "Yes.  Yes.  Quite striking.  Yes."

"You've no idea what it means, do you?" asked Bres with a frustrated growl.  Kessler shook his head.  "It's the symbol of the Tintagel royal family.  You know--the Holly Throne and all that."  Kessler gave an abstracted nod.  Bres stared at him a moment.  "Gods be good man, have you actually destroyed your brains with nothing more than a concoction of lime juice and ale?"

Kessler stared at him in shock. "That's all it is?"

"Yes, yes, save your dull wonder," muttered Bres. "Let us consider this, Captain.  Now, the symbol of the royal family is hanging from the walls of this town which we left in the hands of your subordinate Cormyr, instead of the Oak Leafs of Leoanis..."

"The Prince is the Regent of Tintagel," said the Captain hopefully.  "Since his wife died and all that."

"Your naivete borders on the adorable," declared Bres.  "But no.  The rebels have come out in force.  More force than we realized that they have."  He scratched his head.  "Actually more force than should have been possible.  Odd that."

"Is that good or bad?" asked Kessler hopefully.

"Probably bad," answered Bres.  "Let's be honest, we know our luck here, don't we?"

Kessler gave a dull nod.

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