Saturday, November 7, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 45

"How is the view?" asked Bres, as Ryke took his seat beneath the great pavilion that had been spread out for him.  "Sir," the now demoted Prince's Man added.  Captain Kessler, sitting quietly nearby, shot him a worried look.

"Very nice," said the still recently-minted commander, watching the men advance on the walls of Laodegan Town.  It was a pleasing advance, in truth--to his surprise, Piers was actually doing as he should, keeping the men in good order, their ranks straight and true.

Who knows?  It could be that despite his plans, Piers could possibly manage to take the town, to Ryke's own surprise. 

Almost as if in answer to his thoughts, the arrows and spears began to fall on the troops.  Piers gave a yell and the Leonais began a desperate run towards the wall.  For a  moment, they continued in good order, rushing at Laodegan Town like a sort of living battering ram, but then the formation began to break at the edges. As more of his men began to flee, Piers turned and tried to rally them once more.

The spear that buried itself in his back put an end to that.  A swift and painful end.

As Piers lay expiring on the ground, the little force that had followed him broke, the men fleeing in droves, rushing away as the Tintagelians continue to fire upon them.  What little discipline the troops was perishing along with their former leader, the men rushing about in utter chaos. 

Ryke clicked his tongue.  "Shameful, really.  And after their previous disloyalty..."  He shook his head.  "I fear this will take some hangings to correct.  Bres, I'll leave that to you..."

Bres regarded him calmly.  "A pity they weren't your fresh troops.  Sir."

"Ahh, but I need them for the next part of my plan," said Ryke.  "The important part."

"And... what was this?" asked Captain Kessler suddenly.

"The preparation for that part," answered Ryke.

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