Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 46

Caspar glanced around at the people laughing as they watched the Leonais fleeing, and felt a growing sense of unease.  Something was wrong.  He didn't know what, but he knew it was there. 

It was funny.  He had fought the Leonais before, and he knew they could prove this scattered, this... feckless, and yet somehow... somehow  he could not believe this was the end of matters. 

Because before, the fighting was on the edges, the fringes, where they are weakest, he thought.  And there, all their frailty is made manifest.  But this... this is an actual battle they have stumbled into.  And so... I expect more.  Perhaps I am mistaken... but I think not.  There is something false here.  Something... off.

"Hoy!" said an attractive young woman.  "Sir!  Celebrate this great victory with me?"

Caspar regarded her for a moment.  "Firstly, I'm old enough to be your father..."

"Not a problem to my mind!" said the woman cheerily.

"Secondly, I am married," he continued.

"Also not a problem to my mind!" she declared.

Caspar raised an eyebrow.  "Happily married."

She considered this for a moment.  "This is a slight problem from my viewpoint, but I'm willing to overcome it if you are."

"I am not," he said.  "And finally, I do not see this as a victory."

The woman rolled her eyes.  "Gods, you are grim in every aspect of your being, are you not?  Tell me how this is not a victory, sir? Not a victory for we Tintagelians?"

An old man cried out.  "A ship!  A ship!  They're sending another ship!"

Caspar sighed and rushed towards the cry.  "All right!" said the young woman.  "You have a point! But you still could have had a drink with me!  Perhaps?"

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