Saturday, November 21, 2015

Red As Any Blood--Part 51

Gregory Tyne glanced around the woods as he entered a gate he had not been through in many long years.  "It... really hasn't changed, has it?" he said quietly.

Gwen laughed.  "No.  That's one thing Stag's Horn does very well.  Not change."  She took him by the hand.  "Actually, let me show you something..."

Gregory pulled back slightly at that.  "The last time you said that it was... rather startling."

"Well, you enjoyed it in the end, right?" said Gwen, tugging on his hand. "Come on!"

Gregory sighed and followed her.  Gwen led him to a small garden. 

"I remember this place..." he said absently.

"I'd hope so," muttered Gwen with a dark smile.  "Come on.  Just a bit futher..."  They reached a small and ivy-filled nook of the garden.  Pulling some vines out of the way, Gwen revealed a small symbol, of two 'Gs' intertwined, carved into the wall.  "There, see?  Still there."

"Well, I'd hope so," said Gregory.  "I used up a very fine knife carving it..."

Gwen ignored him.  "And do you recall what we said here?"

Gregory shifted uncomfortably.  "Urr, when?  We met here... quite a few times."

"The LAST time," snapped Gwen.  "When I told you that we would meet here again!"

"Oh."  Gregory blinked at that.  "Well... you were right."

Gwen frowned and crossed her arms.  "You sound almost surprised at that."  She leaned forward.  "Don't make me regret this.  Or I will make you regret it."  She glanced back the symbol.  "Anyway... I'm going to make another vow here.  We will take Laodegan Town, you and I.  And it won't be years this time."

Gregory nodded and gripped her hand tightly.

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