Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Merry Season--Part 1

Elaine stretched her arms out as she entered her room.  "Man, it's been forever since I've been here!" she said, glancing around.  She found herself raising an eyebrow.  "Has someone been in here?"

"Yes, Your Estimable Grace," said Eurydice.  "I have."  She coughed as Elaine gave her a sidelong gaze.  "You do need to clean a room every now and then, even if no one is using it.  For the dust."  She shuddered slightly.  "And the cobwebs."  The young maid's face became a grim mask.  "Oh, especially the cobwebs."

"Right."  Elaine nodded nervously.  "Thanks for that."

"No need to thank me for that," said Eurydice.  "To fight the accursed leavings of the spider is a le Fidele's sacred duty."

Elaine nodded again, sitting down on her bed.  "Right.  Right."

Eurydice's head turned slightly, as she craned her neck to keep the bed in view.  "How's the matress?  Comfy?"

Elaine patted it.  "Yep.  Yep.  Feels very... nice."

Eurydice crossed her arms.  "Very good." 

"You know," said Elaine, "Justinian sends his..."

"Well, look at the time!" said Eurydice loudly, turning around.  "I have candles to light in the Great Hall!  Immediately!" 

Elaine rose as the maid darted out of the room, following her out the door.  "It's a simple message!" she noted.

"Candles!" shouted Eurydice.  "Immediately!  I-mmediately!"  Elaine watched her dart away, and then shook her head as she headed back into her room.

"Well, she's... about as crazy as usual," noted Elaine to no one in particular, then sat back down on the bed.  After a moment, she lay down, and shut her eyes.  "It is good to be back.  For a while, anyways."

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