Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Merry Season--Part 2

"You know, if I had a choice, I'd never leave this place," said Mansemat quietly, as he gazed out the window.

"Well, then we'd have never met," noted Viviane seated at the table.  "So shame on you, Manny, for mocking our love."  She wagged her finger.  "Shame."

Mansemat rolled his eyes.  "Sometimes I do wish I'd been more aware of how sarcastic you could be before I married you."

Viviane raised an eyebrow.  "I thought that was one of the things you loved the best about me?"

"Not when it's aimed at me," replied Mansemat.

"Shame," said Viviane lightly.

Mansemat sighed and glanced back out the window.  "It really was more of a general statement.  About... this war, and the like.  A few months, and we'll be right back into it."  He turned quickly.  "Have I told you how irritated the Easter King is making me?"

"Many times," said Viviane.  "And I'm in total agreement.  The Easter King is irritating and his Easterling guards are irritating, and they're also all very nasty, and I don't like how..."  She shut her eyes.  "That man is still alive and squatting in the north of Leonais like some sort of crazy spider.  Which I've also told you.  So let's stop having this discussion, and just... enjoy it here!"

Mansemat stared at her for a long moment. "That was the entire point of what I just said!"

"Then you should have just said it!" replied Viviane.  She regarded him a moment, then wagged her finger.  "Shame!"'

Mansemat blinked.  "What was that for?"

"What you were about to say," answered Viviane casually.  "It was a preemptive shaming."

Mansemat considered a remark on that, decided against it, and went back to gazing outside the window.

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