Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Merry Season--Part 6

"So, how goes the war?" asked Antea Cthonique, as she leaned on the battlements of Castle Terribel.

"Oh... you know," said Elaine.  "Like a war, I guess.  Bloody, and slow, and awful.  The damned Easter King is threatening to invade the bits of Leonais that went our way.  Because of some tangled complicated claim they have on the area that Pelleas has explained is utter nonsense."

Antea considered that.  "Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?  He's the King of Leonais, after all."

"Well, yeah, but the Pescheours have been ruling Joyeuse for centuries!" she snapped.  "It's the capital of Leonais!  It's where the Peschours keep all their stuff!"

"You... seem to take this rather personally," noted Antea.

Elaine sighed.  "Well, they are my ancestors," she muttered.  "Even if they came to me through the awful ball of evil that is Amfortas."  She spat at the mention of the Prince's name.  "And most of them were actually pretty neat.  Do you know they hated the Holy Emperors as much as any Nightfolk did?"  She pointed emphatically.  "I mean--one of them actually kept the skull of the general they sent to get his submission on the walls of Corbenic.  And would point to it whenever they sent another guy to make them submit."

Antea looked at her intrigued.  "What happened to it?  The... skull.  To be perfectly clear."

"His grandson lost it playing dice," replied Elaine.  Antea's rainbow-hued eyes went wide.  "My very early ancestors tended to be cash-poor.  And exceedingly fond of gambling."

"I would say that keeping the skull on the walls would suggest that in the first place," noted Antea.

Elaine considered that.  "Yeah, they were crazy bastards. Only in a good way, instead of a creepy evil way."

"Ahh.  I have a few Ashurana ancestors like that," noted Antea.  She frowned slightly, as she considered things.    "A very few, really."

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