Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 1

The little group made their way through the tunnel.

"Well, this is... cozy," chirped Arsinoe, a thin blonde Erl from the Fangs, as they marched forward. 

Her sister Leucippe rolled her eyes at this.  "Oe, it's a dank hole in the ground.  That we are very slowly moving through.  In the dark."

"Well, yes, yes," she said.  "But consider the ambience."

"Being dank and dark is called ambience now?" muttered Leucippe.

"It can be," declared Arsinoe.

"If you will both shut up now," muttered Armida, rubbing the bridge of her nose, "no one will have to have portions of their anatomy broken."

The sisters gave a squeak and then quieted.  A smaller, darker figure standing next to Armida frowned.  "I thought we were following you to put an end to that sort of thing," she noted.

Armida winced.  "We are, Semele. I was just... irritated."  She glanced at the sisters.  "My apologies."

The pair nodded swiftly.  "It's all right," muttered Leucippe quietly.

"Yes, yes," said Arsinoe.  "It is just your righteous indignation, Agate, which makes you so righteous, and so terrible, in the good sort of way, which is why we follow you without hesitation or fear."

Armida turned away, continuing up the tunnel.  "Suck-up," whispered Leucippe.

"Attempting to avoid summary justice, sister," hissed Arsinoe, while nervously glancing ahead to their leader.

Semele looked at Armida and Tisiphone, both quietly leading their fellows through the darkness. "So... did Miss Crazyskirts tell you about this, or did you two find this during that time  they held the Council of Shadows here, or... what?"

"Or what," answered Tisiphone.

Semele bit her lip.  "You know--don't take this the wrong way, boss, but the air of mystery that surrounds this entire affair is pretty ominous.  And not in a good way."

"Your objections are noted," said Armida.

Semele nodded. "Not that you care," she added.

"Correct," agreed Armida.

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