Saturday, January 23, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 3

"Ahh!  There we go!"   Nisrioch stepped back and nodded as he regarded the massive collection of glass spheres he'd hung from the room's ceiling with certain measure of satisfaction.  "Perfect!" he declared with an epic nod.

The children watching him nearby stared in awe for a long time.  "Wuzzit do?" asked a small girl at last.

Nisrioch turned to his audience, beaming.  "Why I am so glad that you asked that!" he proclaimed loudly.  "This is an astrological device of my own devising that allows me to detect the rhythms of the spheres, and make accurate predictions as to the future."  He grinned broadly. "All from a single room!"   He glanced back at his apparatus.  "Many fellow practicioners require multiple rooms!  Anzhad the Black had a whole house built for his!"

The children stared at him, uncomprehending.  "So howzzit work?" asked the small girl.

"Oh, it is frightfully and horrifically complicated, and would likely make your little unprepared child brains explode if I explained it in detail," said Nisrioch.  "Literally."  The children shifted glancing at each other.  They weren't quite certain what the tall man meant by this, but they sensed that it was somehow... neat, and they wished to hear more. "Still, essentially, this lets me see the future, through the careful examination of signs and portents..."  The children blinked as one.  Nisrioch cleared his throat.  "Essentially, when something odd happens with this, it lets me tell when something odd is going to happen in the world at large."

A little boy raised his hand.  "Is that something odd?" he noted, pointing to a sphere in a corner that had begun to spin in strange circles of its own accord.

"Exceedingly so..." began Nisrioch, only to stop as the sphere suddenly tore loose from the ceiling, hurtled towards several others that were knocked askew, and then tore themselves loose in turn.  Soon, most of his handiwork was flying to the floor  Nisrioch muttered a simple spell of protection as the room suddenly became filled with shards of glass. 

After it was done he stared at the wreckage.  "Was that bad?" asked the inquisitive little girl.

"Very bad" said Nisrioch quietly.  He turned to the children again.  "Now--who wants to go get cookies with Nissy?"

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