Thursday, January 28, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 5

The two tall Cthonique Guards strode on the wall the wind raising their massive black cloaks behind them.  They walked a way in silence.  Finally one spoke.  "Chilly out, eh?" he noted.

His companion, a heavily bearded Jotun stared at him for a moment.  "I have known it to be colder."

"Well... obviously," said the other.  "So have I!"  He gestured to himself.  "I mean Moutain Erl and all that... but... well, that doesn't mean it can't be chilly out now, right?  Even if I have known colder days."

The Jotun regarded him for a moment, then sighed and continued down the way.  "If you say so."

"I do," said the Mountain Erl.  "I do say that.  This is a chilly day!  Am I understood?"  The Jotun nodded.  "Right.  I'm glad we settled that..."  The Mountain Erl blinked.  "I just realized I don't know your name."

"Just now you are realizing this," said the Jotun.

"Well, you know, we walk back and forth in silence so long," he noted.  "I've just gotten use to your presence, without actually... knowing your name."

The Jotun chuckled.  "Hymir Snake-in-the-eye," he said.

The Moutain Erl nodded.  "Right.  I'm..."

"Sindri Stoneshoe," said Hymir quietly.  "I did not say I did not know your name."

Sindri coughed.  "Ahh."  They walked on in silence once again.  "So..." said Sindri, "been in the Guard long?"

"Long enough," said Hymir. 

Sindri contemplated that, and decided to treat it as an answer.  "Six months, myself," he said.  "Joined when I heard about the War starting up."  He looked at Hymri significantly.  "You know.  THE War."  Hymir nodded and gave a grunt.  "You do know about the War, right?"

Hymir rolled his eyes.  "Yes, I know about the war that is occuring."

"Ahh," said Sindri with anod.  "Well, that's why I decided to join the Guard."

"As previously indicated," said Hymir.

"Exactly," agreed Sindri.  He glanced at the Jotun, and noted the definite beginnings of a scowl.  "Should... should we just march on in silence?"  Hymir made no response.  Sindri glanced away.  "Right.  Marching on in silence."  He heard Hymir making a noise that sounded rather close to a growl.

He decided not to comment on it.

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