Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 10

Sindri Stoneshoe glanced at the courtyard below from the wall.  "And... nobody here either."  He smiled at Hymir.  "Well... good that we're here to make sure of that, eh?"

The Jotun raised one pale eyebrow and walked on in silence. 

Sindri blinked and then realized he was falling behind his superior.  "I... was that... did you imply that it isn't good that we're here?"

Hymir sighed and glanced at the young Mountain Erl.  "No.  Not really."

Sindri squirmed.  "Well, then why didn't you agree."

"Didn't view it as worth talking on," replied the Jotun.

"Well, that's just..."  Sindri struggled for words.  "Rude.  I mean, it's hard for me, trying to talk to you."

"Then don't," said Hymir.

Sindri stared at the old Ogre for a moment.  "But... do you realize how awkward it is walking here in silence all the time?"

"No," said Hymir.  Sindri coughed.  "Besides, we're talking now.  More than I like."  Hymir shook his head.  "Most irritating."  He paused as he and Sindri passed over an arch, and stared at the ground below intently.  His mouth turned into a rather severe frown.

"Why are you only telling me this now?" asked Sindri.

"Because I was hoping you could take hint," said Hymir.  "But apparently you can not.  Now please be shutting the mouth."

Syndri nodded.  "Right.  On it, sir."

Hymir glared at him.  "You are very bad at it, I am thinking."  He grumbled to himself, and began to walk towards a set of stone stairs.  "Come.  We have things to look into."

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