Thursday, February 11, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 11

Elaine took a deep breath, and shut her eyes, hand on the hilt of the Sword of Light.  The sound of conversation reached her ears.  She focused trying to make it out..

"...She actually said that?" said Viviane, as she walked through the doorway.

"Yep," said Jean, following her through.  "And then she ground those creepy teeth of hers."

Viviane shuddered.  "Oh, I am not sad I missed that."

"Yeah, yeah," muttered Jean.  "Brag about how you passed off dealing with your creepiest underlings to your poor, poor little Nemain."  She gave a little pout.  "Who is your little sister.  Your long lost little sis..."  She blinked.  "Why is Elaine standing there like that?"

Elaine cracked an eye open.  "I'm trying to mystically focus my senses.  It's a very du Lac thing to do."

"Not at random," said Viviane.  "Like... at a party for no discernible reason."

"I... I've got a bad feeling," said Elaine.  "Okay."

"Is this about that conversation you had with Morgaine earlier?" asked Jean.

"She told you?" said Elaine.

"With much laughing and giggling, and yea, even pointing," answered her aunt.

Elaine frowned.  "Well, she can laugh all she wants.  I've got a bad feeling.  And if there's one thing I've learnt it's to trust those.  When it feels like the other foot's about to drop, that's because it usually is."

Viviane placed a comforting hand on her daughter's shoulder.  "Elaine... Believe it or not, I'm happy that you're trying to look out for us all.  You've... grown so much in the last couple years, and I'm so proud of you that..."  She bit her lip.  "But, anyway--I wouldn't worry.  Because probably nothing is happening, and if I'm wrong... well, it's happening to us.  We're scary people."

Jean nodded.  "Right.  I'm scared of us, and I am us."

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