Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 13

Eurydice glanced around the room, frowning.  "More Ancient Mummy Dust!" she proclaimed.  "I want to this entire place smelling like it!"

"Isn't this made out... ancient mummies?" asked Echidnae, softly.

"Yes," stated Eurydice, with a forceful nod.  "Hence the name.  It's remarkably self-demonstrating as names go."  She gripped her own cannister of it ansd shook it vigorously.

"So we're breathing in... dead people," muttered her companion quietly.

"Oh, no," said Eurydice.  "Ground up dead things.  Mostly cats, I believe.  The occasional crocodile, and yes, every now and then a person."  Echidnae stared at her, eyes wide.  "What?  They've been dead for centuries upon centuries, and do not care.  Plus they kill insects very dead." Echidnae did not cease staring at her with wide eyes.  "Look, this isn't supposed to be an enjoyable experience.  Understood."

"I know, I know, I know..." murmured Echidnae.  "It's just... this stuff is so... awful and smelly, and... made of dead things apparently."

"Hey, if I knew what it was in this stuff that killed bugs and was able to extract in a manner that didn't involve desecrating corpses, I would do it," noted Eurydice.  "But I don't.  So--Ancient Mummy Powder."  She nodded.  "And I like the smell.  It's the smell of dead pests."

Echidnae sighed, then glanced around suddenly.  "Did... you just sneeze?"

"No," said Eurydice.

"Are you sure?"  said Echidnae.  "Because I just swore I heard a sneeze."

"Which do I have reason to doubt more, Echidnae?" said Eurydice flatly.  "Your ears, or my knowledge of whether I sneezed again."

"Fine, fine," muttered Echidnae with a scowl.

"Come on!" said Eurydice.  "More rooms to douse, more bugs to kill."  Echidnae nodded as she followed Eurydice out of the room. 

After a moment, Arsinoe and Leucippe emerged from a dark shadow in the corner.  "That was close," muttered Leucippe, glaring at her sister.

"Oh, like it's my fault," muttered Arsinoe.  "The short one was right--that powder is smelly and awful."

"They were both 'the short one'!" snapped Leucippe.

"You know who I meant!" replied Arsinoe.  "Now come on, let's go see Madame..."

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