Thursday, February 18, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 14

Sindri Stoneshoe glanced around the vast storeroom.   "So... there are things here."

"The Hall of Anguish and Dread holds much knick-knacks," explained Hymir, eyes focused on the floor.

"Knick-knacks?"  muttered the Mountain Erl quietly.  "That... seems rather underwhelming..."

"The House Cthonique has many assorted things that it has gathered over the many centuries," declared the old Ogre.  "But it lacks places to put them.  So they go wherever they may be placed."

Sindri stared at a large wooden box.  "That makes our liege lords sound like some sort of advanced colony of pack rats."

"This theory is not unknown to my ears," said Hymir.  He stood to his full height and regarded the younger Guard.  "So, what have you noticed?"

"There is a box labelled 'Eregal's Wigs'," answered Sindri.  "Which--isn't he dead?  Like... centuries dead?"

"Yes, and this is immaterial to our present circumstances," said Hymir patiently.  "More importantly, you will note multiple sweepings on the ground, meant to disguise footprints of someone who has just been in the room, prior to us."

Sindri rolled his eyes.  "Well, if you'd told me to look at the floor, of course I would have noticed that."

"Doubtless," said Hymir dryly.  "Still, what does this tell us?"

Sindri considered things.  "We have been invaded.  By angry maids."

Hymir stroked his pale beard, and gave a little cough.  "While such a... specific invader is... uncertain, the general point is actually correct. Someone has arrived in Castle Terribel through unknown means, with an unknown purpose, and they are trying to keep their presence hidden."  He turned to the door.  "So, we have much to do."

Sindri considered things for a moment.  "So--I actually impressed you?"

"No, not really," said Hymir flatly. "The maids took care of that."

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