Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 7

Armida placed her hand against the hole resting the wall and chanted in a low voice, Tisiphone joining her.  The stone began to glow in an eerie blue light.

"Ooooh," said Arsinoe.   "That is neat!"  Leucippe rolled her eyes at her sister.  "Well, it is?  Do you regularly see glowing blue stones as you go about your daily business?"  Arsione crossed her arms.  "No?  Didn't think so.  So--NEAT!"

Leucippe scowled.  "Well--look, I think we all know when we schlepped out for Castle Terribel we were going to see strange, magical crap.  So... glowing stones really aren't that special, in my book."

"What book is that?" declared Arsinoe.  "The book of grim awfulness, and dire cynicism?"

"Oh, shut up," muttered Leucippe.

"You both realize that this is a delicate operation, right?" said Semele. "And if Armida and Tisiphone are interrupted during it, something catastrophic might happen to us?"

Leucippe snorted.  "Oh, like what?  We might explode?"  Semele merely stared at her.  Leucippe gulped.  "Wait... you're saying we might explode?"  She turned to her sister.  "Oe--we might get exploded!"

Arsinoe shivered.  "Oh, no!  I'm too young and pretty to die!"  She blinked.  "And... you two.  To a lesser extent of both."

"Now I'm hoping that she blows us both up!" snapped Leucippe.  "Just so that you will go!"

Semele sighed.  "It's sort of like water running off a stone, isn't it?" 

The chanting stopped.  As they watched a strange gateway opened in the stone, seeming to bend the very rock. Armida and Tisiphone stood back from it and nodded.  "Well, that's done," said Armida.  "With very little help from some people."

Arsinoe glanced down at her feet, while Leucippe coughed.  "Was... there really a chance we could get ex...?"

"Yes," said Tisiphone.

Leucippe gulped.  "Well, I wish people would mention these things."

"We did," said Armida, as she walked through the portal.

"I meant BEFORE I agreed to this!" snapped Leucippe.

"Well, I for one thought it was implicit on attacking Castle Terribel," noted Semele.

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